Exercise in Pregnancy

Did you see the furore recently over Lea-Ann Ellison who is 38 weeks pregnant and still lifting weights?  Despite her having two prior healthy pregnancies and births without any complications or drugs, and having maintained a weight-lifting routine for the past two and a half years, the media, the public and many so-called experts weighed in to give their two penn'orth on the apparent risks to her unborn baby.

Most pregnant women are subjected to (mainly) well-meaning but irritating advice from complete strangers during pregnancy, I suppose it prepares you for the barrage of advice you get when baby arrives!  But poor Lea-Ann received nearly 2000 comments on Facebook - and 4000 shares! - after her private pictures went viral.  Some comments were thankfully positive, and referred to other pregnant women's own training regimes, but unfortunately most reactions were negative.

But as Lea-Ann herself said, she has had no bodily niggles like backache or sciatic nerve pains, and none of the other common side effects of pregnancy.  She attributes this to her exercise regime.  And who can argue with her?  Surely continuing with a pre-natal exercise regime, albeit adapted as Lea-Ann's apparently is, is better than giving up completely and becoming a couch potato?

But what if you don't have a pre-pregnancy exercise regime, does that entitle you to couch potato-hood?  Of course not!  We are all likely to have better pregnancies and easier, faster births if our bodies are in good condition.  Even if you have previously done no exercise whatsoever, beginning a light work out programme is advised.

The most recommended exercises for pregnancy are swimming or aquarobics, particularly in the latter stages, as the water helps support your bump and looser ligaments.  And of course walking, which is one of the best types of all-round exercise.  Walking in nature provides the triple whammy of good, clean air to breathe and the relaxing effect of the natural environment, as well as the general benefits of exercise and endorphin release.  So pregnant mamas, don your Skecher Go Walk shoes and get out there!

What exercise did you do/are you doing during pregnancy?


  1. This is nonsense (the criticism not your post). I am sure she consilted her midwife and trainer to adapt her routines!
    With baby 1 I did an adapted karate class until I was 26 weeks and then swam until 38 weeks.
    With baby 2 I did Davina Macall's pregnancy work out DVD.
    With this baby I am walking and doing aquanatal when I can.
    The differences are based on lifestyle at the time. We couldn't afford karate after my eldest and the company I worked for got taken over so I did a lot of travelling during my second pregnancy. The DVD was easy to take with me on business trips. This pregnancy was a surprise and we decided it was best for the whole family for me to give up working. It is easy for me to fit walking in now as we usually walk the school run.
    What exercise do you enjoy? X


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