Review: LEGO Lunch Box & Drinks Bottle

Lara is just getting into 'proper' Lego, so was absolutely delighted yesterday when she received a gorgeous pink LEGO® lunch box and drinks bottle to review.

Available from the amazing storage company Store: A Place for Everything which has every conceivable home storage solution, plus a ton you won't have thought of.  I had a good perusal of their website the other day and was very tempted by all the lovely boxes, baskets, furniture and more.  But of course, with the current 'Back To School' and college/university focus, these fab lunch boxes and drinks bottles are just perfect, and almost too cool for school!

Licensed by LEGO® themselves and distributed in the UK by Store, the lunch box is essentially an oversized hollow Lego brick, with the Lego branding on each of the studs.  The drinks bottle is very cute, with a real LEGO® Minifigure head as a lid.  This iconic design looks fantastic in this super-size, and even better for health-conscious parents it has a bottom which can also be unscrewed for thorough cleaning.  The bottle is also BPA and Phthalate free.

The lunch box is a good size and would certainly carry the regulation sandwiches, crudites, fruit, and slice of cake we need for a day out.  It is strong and robust, but easy to open and close too, even for a toddler!

I really like the range of smaller, insertable boxes which are available too.  These would be great for keeping everything separate and for popping grapes or other chopped up fruit in, another must in our lunches.  We will have to invest in a few of those!  They are so cute in that you can colour match, tone or clash them, making lunches even more fun!

This lunch box and drinks bottle set is ideal for school lunches, days out and picnics, and would certainly be cool enough for any college kid too!  There is a wide range of colours available, although of course we had to have pink for the pinky girl!!

Giant LEGO® Head and LEGO® brick storage containers are also available.  Head over to Store for a good look round - I defy you not to come away with a bulging shopping basket, or at least an extensive mental wish list.

And Sophia?  Well, she was very happy with a box to play with!