Things To Consider When Purchasing Cat Food

The UK is a nation of cat lovers, and it should come as no surprise to hear that most pet owners make sure that their pampered moggies eat the finest food available. With nutritious and tasty product ranges which include the likes of chicken, lamb, ocean fish flavors, manufacturers like Iams Cat Food ensure our feline companions are getting the right ingredients and nutrition from their meals. However, there are still a few things cat owners should look out for when purchasing cat food.

Always Consider the Age of your Cat

The dietary and nutritional needs of a cat change drastically as they get older. Most cat owners know that kittens have very specific nutritional requirements which help them grow into healthy adults, but senior cats also need an adjusted diet. As cats get older, their metabolism slows down and they become less active. It is important that senior cats eat the proper amount of food appropriate for their age and they have meals which are nutritionally balanced. Iams cat food offers a range of products which have adjusted ingredients and formulas for older cats that require an adjusted diet.

Butter wouldn't melt, but VERY fussy!
Fussy Tastes

Just like humans, cats have their own taste preferences and favourite foods. All cats avoid sweet tasting foods because they prefer a diet rich in protein and meat. However, some fussy cats may turn their nose up at specific types of meat or fish as they prefer the taste or texture of other flavours. Some cats prefer foods which contain jelly rather than gravy, and certain types of biscuits can also be too hard or difficult to digest for some cats. Allergies and health concerns should also be considered, so some cat owners may need to be prepared to alter their pet's diet if they are leaving their bowls full of food or displaying fussy behaviour with their appetite.

Real Meat Content

Not all brands of cat food are the same. Always check the label to see if a product contains the likes of artificial preservatives and colours or additives. All cats need to eat a proper diet to enjoy a healthy life and reduce the chance of dietary related illness. Top brands like Iams Cat Food use nutritious, balanced ingredients in their products so owners can be assured that their cat is being well looked after.


  1. I read somewhere that cats can't actually taste sweet, they have no tastebuds for it.


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