Decorating with Candles - Safely

There is nothing more festive  and cosy during December than the twinkling of lots of fairy lights and candles everywhere.  Indeed, many of us surround ourselves with the glow of candles and fairy lights all year round now, or certainly during the winter months.

One highlight of our Christmas plans each year is a visit to the nearby town of Arundel which hosts an annual candlelit procession before the lighting of the central tree, with all the streetlights extinguished and the little local shops being lit only be candlelight.  It is a lovely festival, and a real old-fashioned treat which we look forward to every December.

Unfortunately, having five madcap cats at home, we aren't really able to surround ourselves with candlelight.  The unmistakable aroma of singed whisker is not one we want to get used to!  Not to mention the sight of Taya's white bottom which bore a tell-tale beige stain come January after getting a bit too close to a Christmas candle a few years ago.  Oops!

Equally, candles plus small children aren't a very good combination, so for us battery candles offer a great alternative, especially these gorgeous pillar candles.  Ideal for creating a lovely atmosphere at home, as wedding table decorations, or even for use in the garden, LED battery candles are very lifelike and emit an authentic flicker effect.  Yet they are cool to the touch, so perfect for use around young children - and cats!

Many of the luxurious LED flameless candles available at Lights4fun are also made with real wax for an even more realistic appearance, with each one being hand-crafted using a traditional pouring process.  Tea lights, garden candles, taper candles and scented versions are all available.

They also stock some fantastic battery-operated fairy lights.  I'm currently torn between these two, which do you prefer?