How to Keep Your Garden Looking Great This Winter

We might not have the opportunity to barbecue al fresco for a few months, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want our gardens to look their best this winter! Here are a few tips that will help the typical family enjoy and maintain their outside space through the cold season.

Look after your lawn

Lawns are pretty tough, but give yours a helping hand so it stays healthy and looking its best. Rake it over to remove debris, mow your lawn, and apply an autumn lawn fertiliser before the first frost hits. Facilitate proper drainage by aerating your lawn with a garden fork. The Royal Horticultural Society has more tips here.

Protect furniture and tools

Anything that you store outside, even if it’s in a shed, needs extra protection when the temperatures start to drop. Firstly, shield your garden furniture against the elements with garden furniture covers - Hayes Garden World has a selection for tables, chairs, hammocks and benches, so you can get the best fit.

You should also give any garden tools a good wash, and consider treating wood handles with linseed oil. Wrap them up in a sheet to guard against damp, which can cause rusting. If you have a petrol lawnmower, add fuel stabiliser and oil to the tank to protect the engine.

Make repairs

Whether you have a loose fence panel or a dodgy lock on your gate, make the repairs today – you don’t want to tackle the issue in the snow. High winds or other severe weather could cause serious damage at any time, which will be expensive to repair and extremely inconvenient, so go for the preventative rather than curative approach.

Decorating your garden

Your garden might be looking bare during the winter, but there are a number of ways you can brighten it up for a more appealing view. A simple yet effective method is displaying hanging baskets with winter plants. Those without the necessary time or green fingers to create their own can pick up a pre-made one from a garden centre.

There is also the option of using garden ornaments and lights to bring life to your garden. Just make sure they are robust before putting them out in the winter weather – heavy stone statues and sturdy metal solar lights work well. You can even get Christmas ornaments for the holiday season.

Attract wildlife

Wildlife is sure to make your garden more enjoyable this winter, so why not hang feeders for birds and squirrels to invite their presence? Many people love to see robins around the festive season, and you can increase the chance of seeing your feathered friends with crushed peanuts or suet cake. It’s also possible to maintain a bird bath despite the possibility of frost – the RSPB has some great advice.

If you have a pond, install a net to prevent leaves collecting atop, and don’t worry if ice forms – koi and many other species living there are likely to survive the low oxygen levels. Just make sure to remove any snow or debris that is blocking sunlight from getting through.


  1. Great tips - I love my garden and late autumn is a great time to whip it and the greenhouse into shape before the ground becomes too hard to manage.


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