'Must-Have' Kitchen Gadgets

I'm fascinated by the must-have kitchen gadgets people are naming in our toaster giveaway.  With everything from kettles (to help you get through the day!) to the humble knife and potato peeler, food processors to dishwashers, it's fascinating what people really wouldn't want to do without in the kitchen.

For us, the most-used 'gadgets' are probably knives, toaster and kettle too, we don't really go in for the supposed time-saving gadgets.  Although, having said that, Steve does love his coffee maker and, like most of you, I wouldn't say no to a KitchenAid!

But the slow cooker trend is something that completely passes me by, maybe it's being vegetarian?  From what I've seen, you have to do the busy part of the cooking yourself first - the sweating of onions, adding of herbs, spices etc, cook all that out and only then add everything else and let it putter away for the day.  What's the point?!  I don't really get why you wouldn't just do all that on the hob yourself, and thus avoid having to cook onions or whatever just after breakfast - yuck!

I'm sure I'm entirely missing the point, and everyone will be quick to enlighten me! ;-)

Another thing which a lot of people swear by is their very useful George Foreman grill.  Now this one I do see the point of, especially if you grill or, big sin, fry a lot of your food.  I remember when this particular gadget launched, it did receive a bit of 'so I bought the company' mockery akin to the Victor Kiam Remington ads (remember them?!), but it has quickly established itself as a very handy kitchen addition.

There are now a number of variants of the George Foreman Grill available, as you can see in this great range of electric grills from TJ Hughes.

What do you think is the best kitchen gadget?  Are you appliance-mad, or do you just have the basics?


  1. We just have the basics....Well apart from our George Foreman Grill which gets a lot of use....We've had it for donkeys years....lol

  2. For me it's the Braun hand blender, I have been using it every day for many years, and knock on the wood, it is still working perfectly. My husband loves his DeLonghi coffee machine (though it is a bit of a racket, as it needs to be descaled often, and they want you to use only their pricey descalers).

  3. I need a George foreman grill! I actually don't have many kitchen gadgets! x

  4. I love food processors the best, because both my husband and I are disabled and it helped so much with prep work. Also, I love slow cookers myself, because I can make healthy soups and oatmeals in them :)

  5. I do see what you mean about slow cookers - have to cook or brown things first - but I have one and I do use it. Also, I have a slow cooker recipe book which gives the quick version. I think slow cookers are less expensive to run and you can use cheap cuts of meat, cheap beans and root veg in lovely casseroles.

  6. never had many kitchen gadgets, but recently my mother in law gave us her air fryer, which is fab and we have a grill and rice cooker but nothing else really.

  7. My electric can opener is a must as have problems with my wrists

  8. My essential kitchen gadget is my vegetable dicer. It's perfect for chopping onions without hurting my eyes!

  9. I don't know if you can class it as a gadget but I would not be without my microwave!


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