Our 'Storage Facility'

Regular readers may well remember the on-going saga of our home re-organisation and general rejiggery.  Well we are almost all done now, thank goodness!  Although another trip to the storage facility otherwise known as my mum's house is due.  Yes, my poor mother has a spare bedroom with one wall clogged up by our stuff.  Luckily it's big room, and if you stand with your back to that wall it's just like our stuff's not even there - honest!

Every trip to the storage facility mum's seems to involve an exchange of one lot of 'stuff' for another - one set of outgrown clothes are taken up there, the newly grown into size brought back down; toys and books are rotated; and various other bits and bobs find themselves travelling back and forth.  I'm quite surprised we never take a cat by accident, to be honest with you!

Such is the nature of having two girls.  I flatly refuse to get rid of Lara's outgrown stuff, only to have to re-acquire it all again down the line for Sophia.  Of course, it's nice for her to be able to choose some new clothes/toys/books of her own too, but so far most of what she has would be classed as 'hand me downs' I suppose.

I'm sure we won't get away with that forever, and the two of them already show differences in taste when it comes to clothes certainly, but for Steve and I it's actually quite nice to be able to unpack old clothes and reminisce over Lara having worn them first time round.  In the past couple of weeks we have been doing the same second time round as baby number three will be wearing the same gorgeous babygrows and things as her/his big sisters.  There is something reassuring about renewing the same clothes for the third time, although if this baby is male we will definitely have to go baby clothes shopping sooner rather than later!

So that's why my poor mummy's spare room is full of our stuff; clothes, toys and books, all ready and waiting for the next bub to grow into what the one before outgrew.  Surely no-one in their right minds would get rid of it all only to purchase it again?!  And, not having a loft ourselves, mum's spare room is our storage epicentre!  At one point though it was a case of slinging it all into the spare bedroom in assorted bags and hoping for the best, but then I found the fabulous Plastic Box Shop online!

Oh my!  This is organisation and storage heaven, especially for those of you like me who love to have everything organised, arranged and labelled to within an inch of its life!  With every size, colour and shape of box you could possibly dream of, and many you probably haven't.  They really do have boxes for every occasion, and with their help my mum's spare room is now a colour-coded; tough, hard-wearing storage-filled dream!

If you are currently going through the not played with and the outgrown in anticipation of the Christmas onslaught, or if you just haul the Christmas decorations out of the loft in horror as their plastic carrier bag holders disintegrate in your hands, plastic storage boxes could be the way to go.

Happy box-buying, folks!


  1. Just about the perfect post for me. We love hand me downs in this family. Even my eldest son gets a lot of "new to him" clothes because clothing costs a fortune and nearly 4 year olds play hard!
    Great website. I am desperate for storage boxes. Our little suprise is a girl and is due in January. All our friends have been so kind and we have clothes up to the age of 24 months for her. This means you can't even get in to the room that will be turned into her nursery! With 8 weeks to go I can no longer avoid the situation and it will be great to browse this site rather than the shops with a giant bump!

  2. Such a good storage boxes for the not so organized stuff in the house. I think, this is also helpful in organizing materials in school. It's great for managing school materials.

  3. These are just great. My boys have some to keep all sorts of things and they fit under the bed.


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