Saving for Christmas

"At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year," the poet Thomas Tusser wrote.  Unfortunately, all that playing and good cheering has now got to the point where it costs most of us rather a lot of money!  Not to mention the mountains of often-unwanted and certainly un-needed Christmas presents we foist onto our nearest and dearest.  It all adds up, and the once a year treat and festival of Christmas can become little more than a distant memory and a bad headache when the credit card bills hit the mat in January.

There is lots of advice around about how to reduce your Christmas spending, so that you can at least re-direct the money elsewhere.  If crafting is your thing, here are some top tips and ideas from Kirstie Allsopp; or maybe you could think about setting a mutually-agreed price limit on gifts for certain groups of friends and family.  Finding - or making - a really lovely present for just £10 often requires significantly more thought and effort than charging yet another £50 to your already groaning credit card or bank account.  Plus the money you save can go towards a few decent bottles of wine for a party, or a night out to catch up with friends.  Seeing you will be a treat in itself, and will be remembered far longer than a gift set!

You could even start saving for next Christmas!  Whilst we are probably a little too late for this year, there is no harm in planning ahead and, crazy as it may seem, why not start planning for Christmas 2014 today?  If you start saving a regular monthly sum from this month onwards, you will have a tidy little sum to put towards next year's feasting and carousing.  Of course, good saving is all down to where you stash your cash, so make sure you shop around.  High Interest Savings Accounts give the best return on your capital, so have a good look around for the best available rates and conditions.

Starting this early, you are sure to a great deal on your savings, especially as you could afford to tie in to a 12 month fixed term account, which would include a nice bonus sum at the end of the term.  With just a little bit of forward planning, Christmas 2014 could be looking financially fantastic.  And if you make a New Year's Resolution to forego expensive take-out coffees and/or lunches in favour of making your own, or even stop buying a daily newspaper and catch up online, you could be adding more and more to your 2014 savings pot as the year goes on!

A quick online search reveals some great savings accounts to be snapped up.

Happy saving everyone!


  1. These tips are really useful - I have printed off to share with my brother and sister!

  2. Always worthwhile thinking and planning ahead, keeping to a budget. Avoiding unnecessary expenses and valuing the important things and people in your life. As quality tome spent with friends can be of greater benefit than a costly gift. Maybe a girly night in :- pamper evening such as a manicure or watch DVD together etc.

    Rachel Craig


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