Buying a Pushchair - What Do You Need to Know?

Whether you’re a traditionalist or you like to think outside the box, there comes a time in pregnancy when we need start thinking about what kind of pushchair we need to buy, ready for when the little one arrives. If this is your first baby then all of this can seem a little daunting but with a few helpful tips, you’ll soon be on your way to fully fledged pushchair know it all! So the biggest argument out there at the moment is whether to buy a rear-facing or forward facing pushchair and what kinds of benefits both options have.

A rear facing pushchair is where the seat of the chair is facing you so you are able to interact with your baby as you stroll along with them. This is a popular option for new-borns as they have the facility to lie flat, offering full support for your new baby. Of course, as your baby grows older, they will inevitably become more alert and want to sit up and be a little bit more nosey! So from around 4 months, some parents like to try the forward facing option as this allows your baby to sit up comfortably and take in the many sights that the world has to offer. These options are sold separately but there is also the option of buying a two in one so you are able to convert the rear facing chair to a forward facing when your baby becomes more curious and alert. These can be a real money saver as it means you can just buy one pushchair to last you until your child starts to walk confidently as their main means of transportation. And then, for even more convenience, there is the three in one! (I know, as if it couldn't get any better). This is a rear facing/forward facing pushchair with a detachable carry cot making it so easy for travelling and taking your baby out and about with you.

Then we have a three wheeler which is really easy to manoeuvre and if you have the kind of lifestyle where you enjoy walking a lot, maybe in the countryside, then they can handle many different terrains and you would certainly get a lot of use out of it.

This takes me on to the topic of differing lifestyles. Not only do we have to consider what our babies need, although that should always be the main priority, we also have to think about the kind of pushchair that will suit our lifestyles and the kinds of places we regularly visit. The types of things we need to think about here are:

  • Do you own a car?
  • Do you do a lot of walking?
  • Do you have a particular budget in mind?
  • Do you have more than one baby needing the use of a pushchair?
  • Will you need help assembling/putting away the pushchair?

Some of these points may seem really obvious but they are all important if you’re the kind of person who likes to get things right first time! Pregnancy can be hard work as it is and it’s about to get a lot harder when your little one gets here (not to mention if you have toddlers already running around!) so give yourself a head start and get yourself a great pushchair from