Car Seats - Who Knew?!

Isn't it funny how you meander into parenthood completely unprepared for all the possible pitfalls and requirements that might trip you up?  I think most people get more training for having a dog, or working a washing machine!  Of course, you soon find out what's required - in more ways than one! - and there are plenty of places to turn to to get the information you need, but boy is it a steep learning curve.

One of the things we had absolutely zero clue about before Lara was car seats.  I mean, of course we'd seen them in other people's cars, but where to begin with such things was a total mystery to us.  A crash course around one of the top retailers' selections soon gave us all the information we needed - and more! - so we dutifully returned home to read up on all the different types and guidelines.

What a minefield!  We finally plumped for the Graco car seat as it seemed to provide all the safety features we wanted and yet it was still a great fit for our ISO-bar less car.  That seat has served us well and has now been brought back out for the next small.  Turns out it was a great investment buy too.

With the imminent arrival of number three now firmly on the horizon, we have had to make some definite decisions regarding car seats and transportation.  We had thought the only option to fit us all in was to get a new car but thankfully, having checked up on child car seat laws, we find that actually we will all fit into our current four wheels.  Thank goodness for that!

But oh dear reader, that is not all there is to contend with in the mysterious world of car seats, oh no.  Because once the small person gets to a certain age or weight marker, a new seat is required.  Quite honestly we never have a clue how much our children weigh because we don't bother with those irritating health visitor weigh-ins and all that, but despite that it does become apparent when they have outgrown their current seat.

Just about to hit four years of age, Lara is definitely in need of a new seat, and somewhat predictably has her heart set on this super-girly pink number:

Looks like Graco will be doing us proud once again...