How Quickly the Year Turns!

OK, so it's not yet Christmas, but I have already had a few e-mails about Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and even Easter!!  I know retailers, publishers and PRs have to plan ahead, but wow the year surely does go round quickly.  I remember going to the supermarket on 2nd January this year and seeing Easter eggs on the shelves!

One thing you can guarantee is that the post immediately after Christmas and New Year will be full of holiday brochures and plant and seed catalogues.  In deed, upon purchasing the Christmas edition of the Radio Times this morning, what should I find in the middle but a substantial holiday supplement!  I don't know if anyone genuinely sits down with the family on Boxing Day and starts planning the year's holidays, maybe they do, but it seems far too uber organised to me!

One thing I can understand is the annual January ritual of planning the garden and its planting for the year.  Despite only possessing the smallest outside space, the arrival of the new year's catalogues from Suttons et al is always a pleasure, and a good excuse to sit by the window on a cold day with a hot cup of tea and dreams of sun-filled, flower-scented days.

After the balcony debacle of summer just gone, when the only thing that survived was our Agapanthus, I will be looking for a new collection of plants and am quite keen to return to a bit of vegetable-growing too.  In previous years we have had a good crop of tomatoes, peppers, chillis, salad, and even strawberries out there.  Being south-facing with good sea air means a long harvest from June/July into October and even November some years, so we do pretty well.

I'm no expert on these things though and largely muddle through, but I was pretty impressed with this Grow Your Own Veg guide I read the other day, so know I can turn to that as a resource when I need to.  Whilst I may not be first in the line for Easter eggs come January 2014, I will definitely be putting in my seed and seedling orders early!


  1. we are very pleased as have managed to grow some pink tomatoes from seed this year!


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