Review: Glamour Mansion Fashion Dolls House

One of the top Christmas toys has traditionally been a dolls house, and it is delightful to see proper wooden houses making such a comeback in recent years.  Lara has one for her little wooden dollies, but has been hankering after a house for her bigger dollies, such as Barbies and the like, for a while now.

Her dreams came true recently when Asda kindly sent us their three storey Glamour Mansion Fashion Dolls House for review.  When she saw the box there was much jumping up and down and shouting of "It's a house!  It's a house!  I've got a house!!"

Plenty of room to play together

With an open front and five rooms to play in, and standing at 115cm tall, there is plenty of room for Lara and friends/sister to play together.  The house is well-designed with wall paper and flooring to show the individual rooms: kitchen, living room, bathroom, main bedroom and children's playroom/bedroom, plus two balconies.

There are two staircases for the dolls to move around the house easily, and tall doorways on the uppermost level.  The decor is contemporary and bright and colourful, perfect fun for little girls.  The house also comes with 12 pieces of furniture, including a bed, table and chairs, dressing table and toilet.  We quickly found some old Sindy furniture of mine which fitted in a treat too, and Father Christmas may be bringing some extra bits too.

Lara absolutely adores her doll's house and heads straight for it every morning to see what the dolly residents have been up to during the night.  Everyone has been in there, from Barbies and Sindys to rag dolls, teddies and Peppa Pig cuddlies.  She sits or stands and plays happily with the dollies and furniture in the house for ages, it's a huge hit!

The house comes flat packed and needs putting together, preferably without toddler help!  Steve found the doll's house relatively easy to put together with a multi-head screwdriver, although he did need a bit of help stabilising some of the more flimsy pieces, such as the back boards, as he screwed them together.  (Something to be aware of on Christmas Eve, may be best to get it put together before the sherry comes out!)  Assembly took approximately 45 minutes.

The wooden Glamour Mansion is suitable for children aged 3 years+ (but try telling that to not yet 2 year old Sophia!).

What do you mean I'm supposed to be 3?!

The house retails at £50.00 at Asda Direct, although right now it is on offer at just £37.50 - a fantastic price for hours and hours of girly fun!  A fantastic Christmas gift for any little girl.

The doll's house accommodates any 12" Fashion Doll (not included).

Oh, and after hours it's a case of when the kid's away the cats will play:


  1. Wow that looks like so much fun! I Think I'd enjoy it was much as my daughter would.


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