Review: Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train

Last month Lara was sent a Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train to review and she and Sophia have both been having great fun with it.  This super-cute little train is one of the main characters in the Nickeolodeon and Milkshake cartoon Tickety Toc, always ensuring that Tommy and Tallulah get back for Chime Time.  It is such a cute design with an adorable character and face which reflects this, and this toy version is just as adorable!

Excuse Lara doing one of her 'pose' faces!
Pufferty comes with two carriages, which both open, a little Tommy and a little Tallulah figure who have a seesaw to ride on, and a Tooteroo who spins on his perch at the back as the train goes along.  You press Pufferty's funnel down to play the Tickety Toc theme tune and as he pushes alongg the seesaw and perch parts move around.

The little Tommy and Tallulah characters are fun with flexible arms and legs to pose, although unfortuately one of Tommy's little bead hands came off on the second day of play.  Nothing that a bit of Superglue didn't sort out, and the toy is aimed at children aged 3 years plus, so it shouldn't be a hazard.

Otherwise, the train is very robust, even the opening carriages, and will definitely last and last.  It has been used to transport lots of different characters around in our house too, so is compatible with all sorts of different toy sets and types.  A Tickety Toc Clockhouse Playset is also available.

The Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train is made by fab children's toy company Vivid and is widely available in all good toy shops, RRP £22.99.