Spicing-up Your Man’s Wardrobe

The Holidays and the New Year are fast approaching and regardless of how cool and good looking your man is, there is always room for a little spice. This year, why not help make a wardrobe overhaul one of your guy’s New Year’s resolutions? Although, he may be a little resistant at first… men do become attached to certain styles and looks!

Your man’s wardrobe probably consists of clothing for work, play, and outdoor wear. You’ll want to select styles that easily adapt to changes in the season. If you’re unsure of where to begin, start by upgrading the area where he’ll be least resistant to change. With many great new styles available, you’ll have plenty of choices to work with.

A Solid Base

The key factor for any wardrobe is a solid base; choose a color scheme that reflects his personality and reflects his unique taste and style. It’s worthwhile to invest in quality clothing that will last. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune; there are many online stores, like Tarocash, that offer great discounts on quality clothing. Quality lasts in winter suits, outdoor shirts, shoes, and work pants. With care, they will serve him well while maintaining their look.

Quality Fashion

These are some of the most important items your man will need to spice up his wardrobe:

A double breasted suit is a must have for professional guys. An attractive and beautifully tailored suit, either grey or navy, is perfect for interviews, meetings, and weddings.

Consider a grey sports jacket. It’s likely to become a mainstay in your man’s wardrobe… say a single-breasted charcoal grey wool blend… then combine with a polo shirt with full length sleeves.

If you live in a cold climate, a well-styled winter coat is essential. Plan to invest in a high quality wool jacket; an overcoat, fashioned in a three-quarter length style, is suitable for winter weather. For warmer locations, a basic trench coat with a zip-out lining will work wonders.

Choose great fitting jeans and light colored twill trousers. (Dark green, burgundy, and dark blue are currently fashionable.) Combine the pants with a well-tailored sports jacket and polo shirt to create a winning combination!

Light-weight sweaters and vests match up attractively with jeans or dress pants.

High quality, comfortable leather shoes are a must… brown and black brogues are worth the investment. Additionally, a good pair of leather boots and quality sports shoes will finish off any wardrobe. Invest in clothing and accessories that are interchangeable, comfortable, and well-fitting. Select separates that combine with other items to create multiple looks.

An Interchangeable Wardrobe

A wardrobe is interchangeable when each piece of clothing matches up with several other items. Shirts that coordinate with most of his slacks and a suit that will go with the majority of his shirts are good examples of interchangeable items. Build a wardrobe for your man that is seventy percent inter-changeable. It will give him many exciting styles to choose from, improve his self-confidence, and make dressing for any occasion a snap.