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  1. Love this. Our new health visitor came to meet us yesterday. She asked if our new gorgeous girl is "good" for us. I nearly flipped my lid but swallowed it and just said yes. We then went on to talk about sleeping arrangements and she made me sign to say that I understood the SIDS guidelines and was going against them by Co sleeping. We have co slept with our three children for the first 9-12 months so I was a little taken aback but there we are. I was very tempted to point out WHO guidance etc but as it was the first time we had met, I thought I should remain polite :-D

    1. Oh my gosh, that's horrendous, how dare she!! Health visitors are so ill-informed it's untrue, drive me crazy. Afraid I'm all for the confrontation and as politely as possible putting them straight! Stick to your guns though, you know you're doing the best thing for your babies x


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