Vive le UK Holiday!

The growth of the UK holiday sector continues to grow exponentially, with a huge percentage of us opting to holiday at home instead of spending vast amounts of both money and time travelling to foreign climes.  Like everyone else, we have yet to embrace the idea of taking small people on planes, and have been busy scheduling this year's UK holidays.

Steve has a generous six weeks' paid holiday from work, and we try our best not to fritter it away on odd days here and there.  This is relatively easy as, being a works weird hours chef, he is often off Monday to Wednesday anyway, so daytime stuff can be fitted in around that.  So I think we should be able to manage at least three decent holidays - fingers crossed!

Driving past Heathrow airport recently, we pointed out some of the planes taking off, and asked Lara if she would like to go on a aeroplane to go on holiday in a sunny country.  She thought about it for a while and then said:

"No, I only like to go on proper holidays, campervans [static caravans],
Butlins, that kind of thing."

What holidays are made of!

Well that certainly makes life easier for us!!  Luckily our girls love their UK holidays and I really can't envisage them demanding foreign breaks anytime soon, although a visit to Mickey Mouse probably wouldn't go amiss!  I'm sure as the girls grow we will be seeking more entertainment on our holidays, places with activities like rock climbing, archery etc, and with future children planned, there will no doubt be a growing gap between our eldest and our youngest child.  Thank goodness for places like Butlins which offer UK family breaks that both small children and teens will enjoy!

Lara loves it there, as we have mentioned before, (and you can see from her enthusiastic first visit above!), and we are very lucky to be able to stroll along the beach for a day visit every now and then.  Activities and entertainment on site makes life much easier, and there really is something for everyone.  Big holiday smiles all round!

The subject of school holidays seems to be rearing its head with increasing regularity, from fines for taking children away during term-time to re-arranging and shortening holiday times.  Today's news centred on the supposed proposal to cut school holidays from 13 weeks to 7, although Michael Gove has since come out and said that this is just part of a general move to permit schools more autonomy over setting school holiday dates and durations.  We will see!

But whatever happens with school holidays, all families will be looking to make the most of their time away from work and school, and to maximise the fun they can have together, whatever their age or interests.  UK holidays rule!