Come on Spring!

Back at the start of the month I told you we'd signed up to The Great British Budget and were hoping to start saving some money towards moving home and/or a new car.  Well what a month it's been!  Not only have we had the on-going saga of Sophia's health, and finally the conclusion that she is probably gluten intolerant, but we've also been virtually housebound like the rest of the country due to the continual downpours.  Thank goodness for those cheery signs of Spring at long last!

As for the money saving, well I managed to overlook the fact that the car tax and insurance were up for renewal at the end of this month, a couple of pretty major expenses!  And that also means that the MOT is imminent - mental note to self, must look up date so I don't go overdue like I did last year, oops!  The car insurance doesn't look too bad actually, especially after having a quick shop round, so that's bearable.  Not like my poor friend who has been trying to insure his new love: a classic motorcycle.  He'd really struggled to get decent insurance, but thankfully has finally found a specialist in classic bike insurance, Footman James bike insurance, who can give him a good deal.  Just as well as he's off on an epic cross-European jaunt next month.

Whilst we don't have any ambitious plans like that, we are already looking forward to Spring here at Attachment Towers.  Plans are afoot to make the most of longer and hopefully brighter days, with day trips out and weekends away, some re-decorating at home, and lots of family fun time all planned on the big kitchen wall planner.  It's no coincidence that I've chosen the yellow dot stickers for holiday dates, there's something about yellow that just makes you smile, isn't there?  It must be the association with the sun perhaps, but I know for sure that that big bunch of daffodils on the bathroom windowsill cheers me up every morning.

What are your plans for Spring?  Not long to go now!