Control Your Heating - and Your Finances - with Hive

Rain and rain and, oh what's that, a bit more rain?

Goodness it's grim!  And even though it hasn't been a particularly cold winter so far, we're having to contend with that horrible damp cold that seems to seep into your very bones.  I'm sure you'l agree that, when you feel like that, there's nothing worse than coming home to a cold house, or finding there's not enough hot water for a lovely long hot shower or bath.

Timers and thermostats are all very well, but life isn't always humdrum and routine meaning that you all walk thorough the door at set times or have set requirements every single day.  So there are always times when the heating won't have come on yet, or the hot water won't have heated up enough, or more likely some so and so will have already taken it all!  You know the scene, we've all been there and shivered and cursed our way through!

Let me introduce you to Hive Active Heating, a new innovation from the British Gas team, which allows you to monitor, alter and control your heating and hot water just by the touch of a button on your smartphone or browser.  You can set specific on and off times for each day, and then adjust your schedules and temperatures away from home.  There is even the option for alerts to be sent to your mobile if temperatures reach a certain level.  And best of all, with rising costs worrying us all, you can make sure you're not heating an empty house, or heating up a tank full of water that won't be used.

This video shows you how it all works:

For busy families, with in and out all the time teenagers, mucky young rugby and football players, and all the rest, this could be the perfect answer to organising your home and water heating efficiently and cost effectively.  Whilst the system costs £199 (complete with free installation), it is predicted to save you up to £150 on your energy bills, so will pay for itself in little over a year.  But the biggest benefit is surely the convenience of a warm home and hot water exactly when you need them!