Lara's 4th Birthday

By some extraordinary alchemy my darling baby Lara turned four on Tuesday.  Last weekend we had two parties to celebrate, the first with her little friends at our local soft play centre; and the second a 'grown ups tea party' at Lara's request at home.  Lara had a fantastic time at both her parties, although at times she found it all a bit overwhelming, poor thing!

Here are a couple of photos from Lara's soft play party, a big success!

And here is the ultimate Barbie cake we had at her tea party, how stunning is that?!

And on to the day itself - Tuesday's present mountain!!

Ready to open another one, and modelling her new Hello Kitty hair clips (thank you Uncle Paul!), please excuse the finger up the nose...

Delving into her enormous box of Playmobil camping stuff!

Sophia tries out the box for size, whilst Jess investigates the new baby Annabell.

Playmobil tower ready to be opened!

Hours, nay days of fun later, and we still have a birthday celebration with a favourite Auntie, and a birthday treat day out to Peppa Pig World to look forward to!  What a lucky girl!

Happy birthday beautiful x