7 Ways To Make The Most Of Shared Parental Leave

It looks like the government is gearing up to make shared parental leave finally a reality. This is great opportunity for equal parents to spend time together with their newborn child and the rest of their family. But how can you make this time special?

If it’s your first baby, you might think that parental leave will be similar to a small vacation. It would be nice if that was the case, but you’re in for a nasty shock. You will be battling with sleep deprivation and postnatal exhaustion. Here are a few ways to get the most out of this crucial time spent with your new baby and your partner:

Ask For Help

Arrange three days of help off friends and family, so you can have a break away from incessantly attending your baby. This’ll give you a little time to cuddle up with your partner and give any other children some attention. Or maybe it’ll just give you a chance to snooze! If you can’t face leaving the house, stay in with a family movie while Gran gets to play mummy.

Adjusting Time

Don’t try to take too much upon yourself to begin with. Fall into the rhythm of taking care of your little one before you start to think of grand ideas. You’ll want to adjust to new circumstances.

Make New Friends

Whether it’s at a newborns’ club or just a couple in a coffee shop, make new friends with people who are in a similar situation to you. Your babyless friends aren’t going to really understand this world of nappies and 3am wakeups. Find someone who is going through the same trials and tribulations as you and meet up with them regularly.

Explore Your Local Area

This is a fantastic opportunity to really discover your local area. Go on walks with your newborn and check out the nearby park. Find hidden gems you never knew existed, such as a quaint book shop or a picturesque stretch of river.

Days Out

Once baby has developed something resembling a feeding and sleeping schedule, consider going out for a short day out with the family. This could be a trip to the beach or a petting farm. Knowsleysafariexperience.co.uk safari park days out experience is a great option, or a zoo!

Home Fun

Before you have your baby, put together a list of movies and TV series that you want to watch. If you want a little escapism, make a reading list. You will spend a lot of time bleary-eyed and knackered at home, so you better equip yourself for this.

Nap Times

Naps will help you get through the worst. The best advice you’ll receive is to nap when your newborn naps. Everyone should be prepared to collapse under a blanket, once the baby is nodding off. Most newborns prefer to be in your arms when they do this and will go through small cycles of sleeping and waking throughout the day and night.


  1. Lovely post! Has anyone ever been able to nap when their newborn naps? I never ever managed this one even though I was told to sooo many times.

  2. Fab post! Its about time isn't it! Ps Knowsley Safari Park is great - its about 10 minutes from me! xoxo


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