Family Days Out in Cornwall: Rockpooling in Bude

Living by the sea, we are usually to be found on one beach or another in all weathers, but the beginnings of spring definitely make it easier!  Unfortunately our local pebble and sandy beaches don't really have rock pools, so the girls were delighted to find some on a recent trip to Bude.  The girls loved how you could see all the different layers of rock, and they found some very interesting stones on the beach.

It wasn't the warmest day, but clad in jumpers, coats and wellies, Lara and Sophia made the most of the opportunity to scramble over rocks, stand in surprisingly warm pools, and spot some creatures left behind by the receding tide.  Lara was especially fascinated by this idea, and crouched down patiently waiting for something - anything - to move.  The brave soul even took her wellies and tights off!