A Beautiful Spring Afternoon at WWT Arundel

We have annual membership of our local WWT wetlands centre at Arundel and try to visit often, there are always different birds and different behaviours to see.  With the nest-building turning to egg sitting, and then to looking after tiny fluffy scraps who soon grow into new adults.  The girls love it there, and love the freedom to explore and run around.  It's a lovely day out for the whole family, with great picnic areas, a lovely cafe and lots to do.  Here are some photos from a recent visit:

Pond dipping

Ducks in the Reed Bed walk

Some new babies

The girls' favourite place is this secret glade with throne and cut log stools where we believe the elves and fairies meet after hours.  If you're really quiet and still you can spot them darting through the bushes.  Shhh...

Queen of all she surveys

Loving Sophia's spun gold hair!