Fun on the Beach

With the arrival of lighter evenings and warmer weather, we are usually to be found on one beach or another until 8 or 9 o'clock in the evening.  Running, digging, picnicking, dancing, sandcastle building, rockpooling, and paddling, the girls love it.  Here are some pics from our recent jaunts:

Playing in the sand and the sunshine at West Wittering; Tatiana desperately trying to join in!

The tide goes way, way out here In Bognor Regis, exposing vast stretches of sand.
And the best bit is we get it all to ourselves!

Lara and Sophia can run and play, whilst Mummy and Daddy get lots of baby cuddle time.

Sophia's continual call: "'Pin me round!"

Lara's examinations of this pool uncovered someone left behind by the receding waves.

Playing on the clay 'rocks' as the sun starts to set.