Happy 40th Birthday Playmobil! #Playmobil40th

We headed to the Pirate Castle in Camden last week for a very special event: Playmobil's 40th birthday celebrations!  Yep, it's an incredible 40 years since Hans Beck invented the first little Playmobil figure, the perfect size to fit in a child's hand.  Since then an incredible 2.7 billion figures have been made, and awaiting us in Camden were a collection of super sized ones!

After a bit of a nightmare 3 hour journey, travelling just over 20 miles!, we arrived a bit late for play time, but Lara was still able to get a cuddle with some of her favourite characters.  She even handed this Wild West fellow a very anachronistic bottle of water - can you see it?

Being completely Playmobil-obsessed, this was Lara's perfect day, although she was a little disappointed that the characters didn't talk back to her when she chatted to them!  The princess and the fairy absolutely made her day, as did the filming of a very special film involving pirates and knights, see below...


And here's the finished mini film, I think it has been watched about 857 times so far in our house!!  Enjoy, and look out for some special Playmobil limited editions in your local toy store, and more #Playmobil40th action online.

Happy 40th birthday, Playmobil!