Baby-led Shopping

We try to get Lara and Sophia involved in the menu planning, shopping and cooking as much as possible, in the hope that by being involved with their food they will eat a wide variety and learn about healthy food choices etc.  We don't ban anything, or ever insist that they eat 'just another forkful' or finish something before they can have something else, and there is always an alternative of crackers or bread and cheese with salad if they don't like the main dish being offered.  Nor do we convey the message that some foods are good or bad, but we do subtly encourage an everything in moderation approach.  Having resolved to say yes to whatever they wanted on the shopping trip, it was very interesting for us to see what the girls were drawn to.

Sophia has a little plastic shopping trolley to play shops with at home and she really wanted to try it out for real, so that came along to Morrisons with us.  Lara opted for the big grown up trolley, thankfully her steering has significantly improved of late, so we didn't hurt anyone!  Here they are, ready to go and not that happy at Mummy stopping them for a photo opportunity.

In store, Sophia headed straight for the fruit and veg with me in tow, whilst Lara made a beeline for the DVDs and toys section with Daddy and Tatiana.  Sophia quickly loaded some strawberries and peaches into her little cart, quickly followed by a multi-pack of Dairylea Dunkers to share with her sister on picnics.  I'm glad she was optimistically thinking about picnics on such a dull, grey day!

We carefully checked the rest of the store for goodies and the girls made some measured calculations on what to spend their money on, all without our prompting.  They then loaded their shopping on to the conveyor belt, and even made a little bit of small talk with the checkout lady!  Lara's shop came in at £14.41; and Sophia's at £12.66, so not too far off budget.  Here they are ready to load their bags into the car, and Sophia wheeling her trolley home.  So cute!

Here they are with their respective hauls.  Lara embraced the opportunity to buy lots of cake!!  I think that little lot will keep her going for about two weeks.  She also bought some 'chocolate footballs', a.k.a. Maltesers, and a little Lego set.  Sophia went for a more balanced selection, including strawberries, peaches, Dairylea Dunkers, a pack of 6 fromage frais, and some chocolate.  They both bought a pack of three Kinder eggs, and ripped them open once home, casting the chocolate aside in favour of the toys!  I love how both the girls bought treats for the cats, obviously wanting to share their good fortune with them!  Happy girls, happy cats.

Do you let your little ones loose in the supermarket?  What do they, or would they, buy?