Finding a Sense of Humour

Lara has really developed her sense of humour lately, repeating jokes or recounting things she has found funny; making her own jokes and doing crazy things to make her sisters laugh.  Well, scrap the last one, she's always done that.  I love how they interact with one another, with even Tatiana repeating something which has made her sisters giggle, like a certain face she has pulled or noise she has made.  I always wanted a house full of children's laughter and I've got it, most of the time anyway!

I'm not really a jokes kind of person, some people love them don't they?  But I do find observational humour funny, Lee Mack's first DVD still has me crying with laughter at certain bits, despite having seen it a number of times.  The 'So cockney it hurts' bit kills me every time.  TV humour can be so hit and miss though.  Some of Michael McIntyre's observational stuff is right on the button, but on the whole I find him a bit too self-knowing and in your face to be funny.  Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse still just about get it right for me, but The Fast Show mostly passed me by, as did a lot of Little Britain.  Satire works though, with the wry humour of Ian Hislop a regular Friday night fixture in our house.

Finding out what your sense of humour is must be a great adventure though, and so far Lara's appears to be mostly slapstick and slightly surreal.  She saw The Goodies for the first time a few weeks ago, including the Giant Kitten, and has now added their DVDs to her Amazon wish list.  She was literally crying with laughter.

She watched some of the recent Channel 4 Comedy Gala too, with judicious parental editing!, and found Lee Evans hilarious.  His slightly madcap, physical humour really appealed to her, maybe I should get some tickets for the next Lee Evans gig at the O2.  Not one you'd want to be near the front for though, all that sweat!  I think she would like Norman Wisdom and Harold Lloyd's physical humour too, I'll have to buy some DVDs in the Autumn for cosied up on the sofa viewing.  And maybe we should get The Plank too, do you remember that one?

What do your children find funny?


  1. Ian Hislop rocks! Love intelligent men, he might look like a gnome, but I do find him very attractive.
    Lara is a smart cookie, she will soon be writing a blog of her own.


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