Review: The Day That - A Beautiful Photograph to Celebrate A Special Day

I first heard of The Day That when I was planning our wedding six years ago.  The wedding magazines were full of praise for this company and its innovative gift idea: a beautiful photograph taken at dawn on your special day.  Every day, since Midsummer's day 2005, founder Gavan Goulder and his team have taken a selection of glorious photographs of the sun rising at dawn on the West Cornwall coast.

Originally called My First Day, the idea came to Gavan when he shot a photograph as a gift for some close friends on the birth of their son.  He soon realised that this would make an ideal birth or Christening gift and the business was born.  But of course, the photographs can be used to mark any occasion, such as a wedding or engagement, or indeed any special day.

I have long wanted one of these stunning pictures to grace our wall, and plan to get one for each of the girls and our wedding, so when offered the opportunity to review one I was delighted!  We were offered a photo in the classic size (40cm x 50cm), retailing at £110.  Starting with the most recent first, we decided to choose a picture for Tatiana's first day.  The hardest part was choosing which of the beautiful photos we wanted!  Once chosen, the photo arrived quickly and in a beautiful frame.  We love it, and it will be such a lovely thing for her to have in her own home in the years to come.

The original framed photos are lovely, but Gavan and his team saw the potential for a new offering - a digital download service.  As usual you choose the day you want, and then chose your photograph or indeed photographs, and once ordered they are delivered immediately to your inbox.  The purchaser then has the option to do whatever they like with the photo, perfect for those wanting the flexibility of using the photo in different formats.

The download comes as a full size photograph, so it is suitable for use for large wall art such as canvases, prints and posters, but it can also be used for thank you cards and invitations.  You could even have it as your screen saver!  With the digital download the possibilities are endless, from creating your very own stamp to making your own wallpaper.  Such a great idea, I think we will use this as birth announcement cards with our next baby.  And a full sized Digital Download of one of these beautiful photographs costs just £35.00.