Review: It's Your Story Personalised Book #fathersday

There are so many lovely, unusual gift ideas out there in t'internet-land, and one of the latest I have heard about is the brilliant personalised books from It's Your Story. The company offers a range of gifts that can be personalised, from mugs to baby vests, but we were asked to review one of their cute personalised books for Father's Day.  Recently adapted so that three children can be included in the story, we were the perfect family to review it!

Available for one, two or three children, this personalised Father's Day book features daddy and their child or children on a special day out at their local zoo.  All of the illustrations include Daddy alongside different animals - swinging in the trees with the monkeys, hanging upside down alongside bats, hiding in the bamboo with a panda, and visiting the hippo's birthday party.

Daddy hiding in the bamboo: this is Sophia's favourite page

A special message from the child/ren to Daddy is included at the front of the book, and information about them is woven into the story line, such as their address, the children's friends, and Daddy's favourite food.

This book makes the perfect personalised gift for any father, or indeed grandafther, of young children, and is a lovely book to read together.  Each page features a different animal and asks the child a different question too, so reading time becomes fun and interactive.

We decided to give Steve his book early so we could show you his reaction!  Here he is receiving the book, and reading it to the girls:

Lara and Sophia love seeing their name's in print, and seeing Daddy's face in the book!  Here are some details about Steve at the end of the book:


Sophia loves the panda page, with Daddy hiding in the bamboo, whilst Lara's favourite is the page where the elephant squirts water all over Daddy, but luckily he has an umbrella with him! 

The personalised Father's Day book is available online here.  It comes in 3 sizes, starting from £12.50.  A brilliant gift for Father's Day, or a birthday, and a staple of many story times to come!