Barny Goes on a Big Adventure

We were asked to take some Barny cake bars on a little adventure.  So we did.  Only it became an awfully big adventure...

Barny arrived in sunny Bognor Regis, ten little sponge bears with hidden centres of sweetest strawberry or richest chocolate. He lay in the sun with his friends and waited for two little girls to find them.  Ten was their number.

With no artificial colours or preservatives, being at one with nature is Barny's natural habitat, so he basked in the sun for a while.  Wiping the sleep from their eyes, Lara and Sophia followed the clues and headed out on to the balcony to find the Barny treasure!

The girls spotted their quarry straight away and sneakily munched a Barny each as a pre-breakfast snack.  Apparently the treasure hunt had worn them out and made them very hungry, Lara claimed!  Then there were eight.

The next day, the car was packed, London town beckoned and we were on our way, and of course the Barny cakes were here to stay.  Hang on though said I, there are only six, and what is this?  Guilty-looking dolly on the garden chair, empty wrappers in hand?  No detective needed when two cheeky, chocolatey smiles turned my way!

Our London trip was a success, but car boredom and hunger necessitated a strawberry Barny surprise.  Handily wrapped they travel well, so quickly passed around the car and rumbly tummies were kept at bay, tempers stopped before they frayed.  But now only four Barnys continued on our journey.  Had they packed their bags?  We were off to Wales!  Would extra tolls be needed to let our Barny friends through?  What would they think of our holiday spot?

No need to worry, more nature was Barny's destination.  Languishing in our little holiday garden, Barny found a shady spot.  Or was the picnic table more his thing?

No time to wonder as two more Barnys were snapped up by eager hands keen for a snack.  All that exploring had made those tummies start again.  But where to eat them: the garden, the sofa, the bed?  Ah how slack the usual rules can be when we're away on holiday!

Now just two Barny friends remained, where would they get munched, and who was going to have the strawberry one and who the chocolate?  We ventured to the big indoor play area, water bottles, bananas and Barny cake bars in stock.  Running, climbing, jumping, there were definitely going to be demands for food and drink here!

But hang on, what's this?  Not the usual toddler hands reaching in the snack bag, there was a new kid on the block!  The now-munching baby decided that she would have a go, and a strawberry Barny was duly unwrapped and proferred in general direction of baby mouth.  Hmm, gobble, gobble, yummy!!

And then there was one.  As this is a family site, I won't mention the carnage that ensued when two hungry toddlers got their mitts on the last chocolate Barny.  I'm just glad it wasn't a red-centred strawberry one who was torn asunder :-/

Thankfully, the local supermarket had a ready supply of Barny cake bars in all four flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Apple and Milk.  So we weren't without the girls' favourite snack friend for long!

What an awfully big adventure, Barny Bear!