Fun at The Waldorf with Playmobil #Playmobil40th #PLAYMOBILSuite

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to The Waldorf to celebrate with Playmobil who, as part of their 40th birthday year, had kitted out a suite full of toys, even down to the towels and duvet covers, there for 40 days and 40 nights.  To launch the Playmobil Suite there was a lovely party, full of Playmobil fun and lots and lots of toys!

Luckily, we were the first to arrive at the party in the Palm Court and were thus able to see all the Playmobil toys laid out in their pristine glory.  The room looked very different a few hours later!

First to arrive at the party!


Our little Playmobil Playologists Lara and Sophia thought they were in Heaven, with Playmobil everywhere you looked, including a selection of the big characters which are going on tour around the UK.


Lara set to playing immediately with the fairies, whilst Sophia admired the hotel on a carousel.


We then made our way over to the drinks area, where a friendly construction worker helped us with a straw!

The hotel has been top of Lara's wish list for while now, so unsurprisingly we found her playing with that - and reminding us to ask Father Christmas for it!



Sophia loved this equestrian centre, and spent ages taking the horses in and out and galloping them around, so we know what she'll be asking the big man for too!  She also liked checking out the locals and making some new Playmobil friends.


Lara had all the camp site collection for her birthday this year, so was delighted to see it all laid out nicely with trees etc on this carousel.  Luckily all the little bits were glued down on these display pedestals!

Another big hit with the girls was this fantastic Noah's Ark, a limited edition for the birthday year, and a really lovely addition to the range.

Our little laidback Tatiana was, as ever, just happy to come along for the ride, but she did get excited about meeting a princess!


Sophia took a little more persuading, but was happy to hold the soldier's hand.


She was very keen to grab a catalogue to pore over though, and desperately wanted to take a photograph of her special cup.  I'm so gutted we left it behind in the end!!


Here's a montage of our day:

Thanks for a brilliant day, Playmobil!