Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Other Half

It’s always an uphill struggle thinking of an original and fantastic gift for the other half. You know each other inside and out but somehow, when it comes to their birthday, your mind goes blank. Not only that, but the gift options for men are simply not on par with women. The whole shopping culture revolves around the females, and that’s great! Until you need to find something perfect for the male of the species and you have no clue where to start.

The Great British high street is much more even nowadays, but that still doesn’t help your mind blank! It’s important to set yourself a budget and a good strong idea so you don’t panic and overspend on a number of items your loved one isn’t right for.

So what do you get the man that has everything? Or the man with the niche hobby? Or the man that asks for “just some socks” teamed with your lack of inspiration? Well, look no further!

A Brand New Watch

We all love our gadgets and a beautiful new watch is something that can be treasured forever...or a very long time indeed! A decent watch is always bought for a special occasion and shows that you care as well as understand their sense of style completely.

For the real WOW factor, head to for gorgeous brands. For the ultimate watch brand for men, you can’t beat Rolex or Zenith. Although I mention jewellery further down, men don’t exactly have a lot of choice in this department. A great watch is the perfect way for him to express the individuality…and keep on time for all future dates too!

An Adrenaline Rush

Instead of a physical gift, why not an experience? There are so many great adrenaline rush daytrips and companies out there specialising in all sorts of crazy activities. Skydiving, bungee jumping, zorbing, even jetpacking across a lake – you name it, there’s probably an adventure day planned specifically for it. There are certain groups linked too high street stores or online companies such as redletterdays, buyagift and John Lewis all provide amazing opportunities to make dreams come true.

And what about a group occasion? Something for the whole family or a day off with all of his friends? There are many amazing obstacle courses dotted around. The main group has to be Go Ape. With treetop adventures, Segway strolls and zip trekking, they certainly have the variety to keep the majority happy.
An adrenaline rush is one thing but what if your other half is after a more relaxing affair? Easy solved with a spa day! Especially away from the kids. Being pampered isn’t just female-orientated. Everyone needs a bit of TLC every now and then.

A Membership

Whether they’re a film buff or sports fanatic, there is a membership for everyone and it is an awesome personalised gift that shows you know exactly what they like. For film buffs, this can cost as little as £15 per month – well worth it if YOU get some peace and quiet too! For football fans, the prices vary sooo much. For example, a season ticket at Chelsea can be as much as £1,250. Hopefully your other half won’t have such expensive taste in sport though! What about fitness too? A gym membership or an activities sports pass?

And it isn’t just fitness, sports and films. Cookery lessons, art classes or a number of music gig and concert tickets could be the perfect gift for your loved ones.