Budgeting for Your Wedding Abroad – Your Checklist

Planning a wedding abroad can have many MANY advantages. The likelihood of sunshine is high, as well as giving you a chance to experience another culture and have that much needed holiday. But the biggest factor for eloping to a different shore isn’t just the tasty cocktails, or a chance to walk down the beach-turned-aisle barefooted, the warm sand slipping through your toes; it has to be the cost. In fact, you can save an estimated £12,000 by deciding to have your wedding abroad as appose to the UK and us Brits aren't wasting our time signing up for a relaxing Mediterranean do over the usual rainy castle affair.

And it isn’t just the Mediterranean. We’re eloping all over the globe to get hitched. From Bali to Italy, Las Vegas to Kenya, we certainly have the travel bug when it comes to our weddings.

How do you go about budgeting?

Get yourself a budget planner

First things first, don't get yourself into a flap – get a budget planner! And I don’t mean spending a small fortune on an individual. You can get yourself an organiser book complete with post it’s to keep track of every single spend, or even better, head online to find a free tool that does the hard work for you. I’ve had a look around at a few and they really are worth it! My favourite has to be http://www.weddingsite.co.uk/tour/wedding-budget-planner; it’s easy, free and completely customisable. You can filter your budget depending on the ceremony or after party and even your stag and hen parties too!

Consider the location

Your dream wedding location might be Italy, but you could save yourself extra by considering similar locations in, say, Greece. Prices can also vary dramatically depending on the city. Locations like Paris and Vienna might be stereotypically romantic, but have you consider the cities of Zagreb (Croatia's capital) or Copenhagen (named top city in the World’s Happiness Report) too? They’re equally as beautiful, and a tad underrated too!

The length of your stay

When marrying abroad, if you keep your wedding short and sweet, this will save you a fair bit. Also, so many more of your guests will be able to attend! Remember, your guests not only have to get the dosh themselves, but they need to book all the appropriate days off of work too. A shorter stay is easier for everyone. This gives you an opportunity to either prolong your stay when the guests have departed or decide to head off on an adventure someplace else.

The length of the travel

This leads to the length of the flight, cruise, train or any other means of transport required to get to your chosen destination. Across Europe, a long weekend would suffice, however, if you’re considering Australia, that’s half your time wasted flying. Australia is an extreme example, I know, but it does happen! The right balance between the length of travel time and the actual trip is key! Also, remember, those flights are going to be pricey! You and all your guests wouldn’t mind getting their money’s worth out of the trip, especially somewhere as fantastic as Down Under!

These four points are an essential yet basic guide if you’re looking into planning a wedding abroad. It’s such a popular option, with one in four of British couples choosing to head abroad to get hitched, and with the most popular destinations being the likes of Mexico and Bahamas, I can see why!