Review: Mooshka Doll

Sophia loves dolls, especially the plastic baby variety and rag dolls.  So she was delighted to be sent a soft, cuddly Mooshka doll from Zapf Creations to review.  Especially as she is called Katia, one of Sophia's middle names.


These machine washable, soft fabric dolls are suitable for ages 2+ and have a design redolent of cut out kit dolls, such as Clothkits ones.  Mooshka dolls came about when "...a group of paper doll friends joined hands and through the power of friendship they sprung into sweet huggable girls!"

Each has a specific birthday and character.  For Katia it is 2nd May, and she "loves to sing and dance with her friends.  She has a beautiful voice."

Based on a traditional rag doll idea, they are 33cm/13inches tall and there are 6 different dolls available: Myra, Ina, Sonia, Dasha, Katia and Nessa.  (Loving the Russian names there!)

I love the beautifully designed dresses in dark pastel shades, and their very cute stripey tights.  And, although their faces are flat and printed on to fabric, they have such friendly expressions.  Perfect for little girls to befriend and adore.  The washability also makes her perfect for taking on outdoor adventures, ours has climbed trees, paddled in the sea, and 'eaten' lots of picnic foods!

Sophia seized upon her new dolly immediately, and had a great time introducing her to the rest of her rag dolls and cuddly toys.  She was fed strawberries and 'breastfed', and has been taken on picnics and playground and beach adventures for the past few weeks.  A really lovely doll.


Mooshka rag dolls are widely available, priced at £16.99.