Review: Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Perfect Twist Ice Cream

The arrival of Hurricane Bertha has not been particularly welcome in many ways, but it has given the girls the perfect excuse to stay in and play with their new Playdoh Sweet Shoppe Perfect Twist Ice Cream  centre!  I think someone was a bit excited when it arrived:

Both Lara and Sophia love playing with Play-Doh and make all sorts of wonderful creations, from worms and animals to cakes and flowers.  But this fab kit takes that creating to the next level, with everything you need to make fabulous sundaes and ice cream cones, perfect for summer.


You turn the crank to make some very realistic-looking swirly ice cream, and then you can add different coloured sprinkles and decorations to the top.  Yum!  Lara has loved being in charge of the machine as it is intended for children aged 3+ so Sophia finds it a bit tricky, and of course you need to make sure the smallest ones don't think it's OK to eat the ice creams!


The ice cream making unit comes supplied with 5 tubs of different coloured doh, a softer texture than usual so it squidges well; 5 ice cream cones; 2 sundae dishes and spoons; and all the necessary gadgets and gizmos to create wonderful ice cream combos.  Lara particularly loves making lots of exotic concoctions - pineapple, carrot, and tomato slime with sugar sprinkles and strawberry sauce was the latest!

Of course the colours won't stay perfect, but this machine is great fun and keeps the girls occupied for ages at a time, so we won't mind investing in a new set of Doh from time to time.  The Playdoh Sweet Shoppe Perfect Twist Ice Cream is currently available for £16.43 on Amazon whihc is fantastic value for money and guarantees hours of fun.  We definitely recommend it!