The Middle One

I read something the other day about the middle child always being left out.  Apparently the older one has hundreds of photos taken, the baby is always the baby, but number two child gets largely forgotten about.  As we're planning more beautiful bubs, Sophia won't be an only middle one, so at least she can share her misery!  I really don't think we leave her out at all though, but just in case, here's a post all about 'the middle one' :-)

Quirky, funny, kind, thoughtful, a peace keeper, a warrior, home-maker, independent, outdoorsy, comical, affectionate, volatile, a chocoholic, inquisitive, adventurous, clever, bright, zany, crisp-munching ("frispsiziziz"), adventurous, determined, helpful, generous and considerate, here's our beautiful curly top, Sophia, in all her crazy glory:






We love you, baby!