Our Learning This Week #1

As I mentioned in the post about Lara's Not Going to School Day earlier this week, I'm planning to chronicle our learning, hopefully with a weekly post.  Here's the first one...

Lara and Sophia decided to make a sand and water masterpiece on the glass doors to the balcony by hurling wet sand at them.  It looked really effective.  After we had washed it off, Lara then decided to use the same technique to create a writing surface on the floor of the balcony, scratching letters and numbers in it with a kebab stick!

Sophia's language is coming on in leaps and bounds, with complex sentences now the norm, and short narratives beginning.  She is also showing a new tendency to work quietly and diligently by herself, not wanting to come to the kitchen for dinner the other night until she had finished the complex Duplo zoo she was intent on.  After she had finally eaten her dinner, she challenged daddy to help her build a tower as big as him:

After watching a piece about coal mining and limestone quarrying on Countryfile on Sunday which visited the Dudley Canal area, Sophia is now obsessed with mining, quarrying and fossils.  And is desperate to visit and go on the underground boat trip herself.  We'll have to get that trip organised soon!

Tatiana is standing up more and more, and really getting her leg muscles working, and getting her body energised for the big step of walking (pun not intended).  She has also enjoyed playing with water, and getting into the sand and compost on the balcony.  I'm sure whatever she has consumed has given her immune system a great boost!!