An Autumnal Picnic

Picnics don't have to stop when the mercury drops below 20 degrees.  A very nice challenge for us.  Regular readers will know we aren't exactly averse to a day out, and that we are HUGE picnic fans!

So we donned wellies, jumpers and coats and headed off on an adventure.  The girls chose to forego their favourite haunts and specified that there needed to be duck-feeding involved in our trip, so we headed to nearby Bosham, a small village in the natural Chichester Harbour.  With its Norman church, pictured in the Bayeux Tapestry no less, picturesque views, and plethora of benches, it is the ideal spot for a morning or afternoon out.

We had a good walk first before settling down with our picnic, and the girls enjoyed paddling and playing in the water (the tide was in).  We had decided to do a colour treasure hunt too, something we had talked about a few days before as Sophia is learning her colours at the moment.  So the girls searched for different colours as we walked around.






We made our way round to the church and churchyard, and deliberated over the best bench for our picnic.



As for the yummy Vita Coco drinks, Sophia loves the Blackcurrant & Apple flavour, and Lara the Mango & Pineapple, so no arguments there!  And no arguments from me with no added sugar or any nasties, just healthy all natural coconut water.  After we had refuelled and boosted energy, Lara went for a paddle in the stream and Sophia went feather hunting.

The sun came out and gave us a beautiful afternoon, just look at that sky!

After a brief foray into a particularly muddy large puddle, we headed off to find the ducks.  They obligingly ate all the left over bread, and happily quacked away.


A fantastic day out!  Thanks for our picnic drinks, and the inspiration, Vita Coco Kids!

We highly recommend Bosham for an autumnal picnic, where is best for an October day out near you?  Don't consign the picnic hamper to the cupboard just yet!