Frozen at The Electric with The Little White Company #littlewhiteblogger

We were able to combine two of Lara's most-loved things last week: Disney's Frozen and one of her favourite shops, The Little White Company.  Both Lara and Sophia absolutely adore The White Company (probably from having spent so much time in it as babies!), and would happily buy everything in there.  This is very good for me as it meant they were able to direct Daddy when he was Christmas shopping last year.  I also have a near 100% guarantee that they will wear anything I buy from there, which is a bonus when having two rather headstrong young ladies who already very much want to decide what they will and won't wear.  So we would gladly walk 500 miles for The White Company!  (Or go to London.)

Last week we were invited to the Electric Cinema in London's Portobello Road, which is the most amazing cinema I have visited.  Armchairs, sofas, even beds, and a lovely little bar.  We were there to see the new children's bedding ranges from The Little White Company, and to see the film Frozen.  Although we have the DVD on several times a week, the girls didn't see the cinema release as it was around the time of Tatiana's birth, so we were a bit busy!  I was pleased that they (and we!) could see it on the big screen finally.

We settled in to our fabulous cinema seats.  There were colouring sheets and pencils to entertain the smalls, as well as gorgeous Jellycat toys to cuddle, and throws and cushions to snuggle up on.  Lara seized upon a fur throw-bedecked chair immediately and had a good look round before starting some colouring.

Having only been to the cinema once before, Sophia was a little more bemused by the whole thing, but quickly found a lovely soft penguin to cuddle.

Whilst Tatiana had found a balloon to play with, so she was very happy!

And Steve got a cup of good coffee, so he was OK too!

After some time colouring, playing with balloons, and munching popcorn, it was time for the film to begin.

I think Tatiana must be very familiar with the opening credits!!

We all really enjoyed seeing Frozen on the big screen, thank you The Little White Company!

The new season bedroom themes are just delightful, so look out for our look at those later this week.