Review: Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car

Tatiana has been loving her new Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car - when she gets the chance anyway!  As you can see this toy appeals to all three of our girls, and the best news is that we have one for you to win too!  Read on for our review, and for your chance to win one.

This brilliant interactive toy is designed to grow with baby from age 6 months up, with a variety of different features, including a multi-functional dashboard, and more:
  • 3 modes of play and learning (see below);
  • radio teaches ABC;
  • moveable windscreen wiper introduces weather with sun and rain pictures;
  • door opens and closes, with a well-designed gap so little fingers don't get caught;
  • steering wheel and gearstick move;
  • key turns and horn honks;
  • built in ramp for ball play includes 3 balls;
  • shapes and colours sorting door includes three shaped blocks.

The car comes in several parts and does need parental assembly, but is fairly straightforward and easy to do.  It just needs a screwdriver.  Also requires 3 x AA batteries.


Oh and the box comes in handy, too:

The car's dashboard features an interactive dashboard with light up baby GPS; a steering wheel to turn; horn to honk; a key to turn; gear stick to move; and radio to press.  The light and sound feature has over 75 sing-along songs, tunes and phrases, all within three different modes of learning, just slide the switch to choose which is best for your baby.  The learning content changes as baby grows, as does the use of the car, changing from sit to crawl, to pull up, stand, and move around the car.  (And you can even move the car around yourself if you're a bit bigger!)

Level 1 is for babies from 6 months plus, with content to spark curiosity and encourage exploration of first words and sounds.  There are first words like open, and lots of music, lights and phrases to entertain baby.  Tatiana gets very excited with this stage!

The second level is aimed at 12 months+ and encourages baby to honk the horn, open & close the door, and turn the steering wheel.  There are prompts and phrases to encourage baby to use the different aspects of the car.

Designed for use from about 18 months+, the third stage is based around pretending and the development of early role play skills.  Older babies and toddlers are encouraged to imitate and imagine driving, Lara and Sophia love this bit and happily 'drive' around the sitting room!

This stage encourages toddlers to learnt letters, numbers, colours and shapes.

Of course these levels are only a guide, it's entirely up to you to decide which stage is right for your baby.  As every baby develops at their own pace, it's up to the parent to choose from developmentally appropriate songs, sounds and phrases within the three levels of play.

At 10 months, Tatiana absolutely loves her car, and happily explores all the different aspects of the car, delighting in the lights and sounds she discovers.  She also really likes the ball run and shape sorter, and sits in the car for ages playing with them.  The older girls also enjoy honking the horn, playing at driving with the steering wheel and other bells and buttons, and often pack the interior boot with their special bits and pieces for a day out or holiday.  Great fun, and obviously ideal for any child from 6 months to 4/5 years of age.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car retails at £69.99 and is just one of the many Toys at Tesco available this Christmas.  It is also suitable for cats: