Being Green

Blimey, proper autumnal now isn't it?!  The jumpers, scarves and gloves have been unearthed, the coats are on, and a blanket or two are always within grabbing distance.  Brr, November for sure.  But we have still got our heating only on low.  Back in March we had cavity wall insulation done and we have noticed such a huge difference.  Our slightly sea-battered turn of century building lets in its fair share of draughts, and our bedroom is right on the corner so has two exposed walls and two large windows, but even there we have noticed it.  So much warmer and cosier, plus not having to turn the heating up means we are doing our bit for the environment too.

We do try to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, producing very little rubbish that can't be recycled, eating 'real' food, using natural products and few chemicals, minimising our energy usage, being careful with water etc, but on the other hand we do run a car with all the non-green issues that that brings.  It was quite interesting though to see how we measure up to the ideas on this infographic from, I don't think we're doing too badly after all!


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