Budget Tips for Bringing Festive Cheer to Any Bedroom

With Christmas only weeks away, now’s the time to start sprucing up the house and making it look festive. Putting up the decorative touches creates that personalised feel that brings a bit of warmth and cheer to a home – and done right, it doesn’t have to cut into any of the Christmas budget. Listed below are some handy tips to start getting a bedroom ready for the festive season.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

First, clean. It’s like a spring clean, except a season out. Anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be there over the holiday can be taken out and stored somewhere else. Make sure all the bedding and curtains are clean, likewise with furniture and mirrors. This will free up more space and help inspire decorating ideas. And for a dash of extra inspiration, throw on a Christmas playlist!

The next step is to start up at the ceilings. Fix up something to hang – ornaments, tinsel, stars, snowflakes and the like all work well. They’re inexpensive and easy to make, and they won’t make an impact if they fall. Next, how about putting up some Christmas lights? Windowframes make an easy outline for lights and paper chains, and windows themselves cry out for some fake frosting and stick-on snowflakes to create a great impression for both the inside and outside.

Christmas cards can be collected and put up on a pinboard to hang up on the walls and give the bedroom a more personal feel. Wreaths are also great choices, and there’s nothing more fun than gathering up the cones and holly sprigs with your little ones to be arranged into wreaths for walls and the front door.

Next, make sure the festive colour schemes are sorted. Reds and greens are perfect, and a wintery bedspread works wonders. Though it pays to have a luxurious bed to start with, it’ll radiate warmth and coziness with some Christmas pillows and some plush cushions. Add to the warm scheme with candles and spicy scents, and turn the house lights off if possible.

Finally, it’s a nice touch to add in a miniature Christmas tree to tie the room together. At very least it’ll be a home to any other Christmas tidbits, and will put even the meanest grinch in a cheery mood each morning on the countdown to the big day.