Enough to Frighten Me Into Cleaning!

Regular readers will know that cleaning doesn't top my list of favourite things to do, but some of the statistics in this infographic from Ecomovers were so horrifying that I headed straight for the cleaning stuff!  Luckily I'm slightly obsessed with changing dishcloths, tea towels and hand towels, so I don't think ours can be too bad.  Although I'm not about to let the OCD gang from Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners come round with that probe gadget thing!  Do you watch that?  Wow, those people are amazing!  Wish I had the energy and desire to clean for four hours a day, on top of working, parenting and all the rest.  Ready to join their ranks?  Here are those yucky stats, plus some eco cleaning tips, and more...

If all else fails, you could always employ a commercial cleaning company!!


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