Having Fun with the Kids in the Rain

Heading outdoors in cold and/or wet weather may not be your family's idea of a good time; video games and cosy confines are much more appealing. But there are all sorts of reasons why you should get outside, even when the sun isn't shining.

Promotes Good Health

On those cold, sunny days, being outside will help top up your children's Vitamin D levels, which are reportedly dropping. And of course doing any physical activity is great for you and your kids, plus it helps to shake off the winter blues.

Fit for Purpose

One of the reasons people hate going outside in inclement weather is that they're not wearing the right clothing. A light windbreaker and pair of trainers are no use whatsoever if you want to splash in puddles or hike over fields when it's raining torrents. To really enjoy the outdoors in autumn and winter, a well-insulated, waterproof jacket with a hood, warm hat, gloves, and either wellies or pair of good walking boots, are definitely called for. E Outdoor has a full range of outdoor clothing and equipment to help your kids forget about the cold and rain.


It's not always easy coming up with fun activities to do in the rain, so why not try some of these? For younger children, get them to sprinkle powder paints on some large sheets of thick paper or card (lining wallpaper is great) and lay them out in the rain. As the droplets hit the paper, the colours swirl and make lovely patterns. When they're back inside and the paper is dry, they could draw a picture with the patterns as the background.

The older ones might like to be a nature detective. You could give them a tick sheet with things they might find on the walk (tree species, beech nuts, squirrel, birds, etc) and the first one to tick every category is the winner. Introduce them to nature photography. Get them a disposable camera each, tell them to really look at the frame before they take it and see if you have any budding photo-journalists.

Provided your children aren't feeling cold and wet, and you've supplied them with fun activities, there's absolutely no reason why they can't enjoy themselves outside, come rain or shine.