Maintaining Independence in Old Age

I couldn't make head nor tail of that new Michael Palin drama last night, could you?  It was all so dark all the time that I could barely see what the ghostly goings on were supposed to be.  Maybe I should watch it again with the brightness setting turned up!  Apparently the actor was quite put out at being told he could easily pass for someone 80+, ten years above his real age, maybe all that travelling has taken its toll!  It was lovely to see him in a drama role again though.

Whatever the intricacies of the drama though, the reality is that Palin's character, like many elderly people, was facing the reality of moving to an old people's home.  Steve's family are currently researching the options for his nan who has dementia and can't cope on her own any more; it's not a pleasant process.  Yet the mother of our friend of ours is still going strong in her own home and is now into her 90s; indeed Steve's nan's sister is as bright as a button, and as sprightly as she ever was - on the flat at least!

What Auntie Mary, 83, really struggles with is going up and down the stairs.  But she dreads having to leave her beautiful home, and doesn't want to be seen as an 'old lady' by moving her bedroom downstairs.  Trying to find solutions to help, we suggested installing a Stannah Stairlift to enable her get up and down the stairs easily, but she was worried about the cost of running it, with the already exorbitant energy bills she faces.  I was pleased then to find this infographic on stairlift prices; did you know you could run one for a whole year for just £7.26?!  We shared this with Auntie and she was straight on the phone to book an appointment, what an amazing price for maintaining her independence for the next few years!

stairlift prices


  1. I agree these are great for maintaining independence, I already dread the time when this effects me.x


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