Planning a Disney Princess Bedroom

Although she wants to stay in the family bed, Lara has been busy making all sorts of plans for her own bedroom.  I think she would quite happily design one for all of us to sleep in together, or maybe what she has in mind is a playroom for all her toys, and then she can still sleep in the family bedroom.  Either way it is going to be a princess and Disney-inspired room, with as much pink as she can manage to get in there!  Although knowing Lara we would also need to add some car track to the walls, and make sure there was enough room for her toy garage and dinosaurs too.  Looks like the non-gender stereotyping is working to a certain extent!

But as for her bedroom/playroom ideas, well the exponential growth of the mural and wall art industries does seem to make life much easier for parents!  I love this design which incorporates as much Disney as possible into a relatively small space, although I'm not quite sure what you do with your furniture, certainly wouldn't want to cover the art up!  Not too over-girly or pink either, and with the iconic castle too.  Love it.

If we're going down the pink route though, there is a certain shade that is perfect, and I just adore this window blind from VELUX, perfect for any princess-crazy little person.  Who wouldn't want Cinderella watching over them while they slept?  Lara loves the film, but also the bit in Sophia the First where Cinderella appears to help her get on with her step-sister Amber.  Maybe we could refer to the blind for help when our sisters aren't getting on as well as we might like!!  Just a thought.

And so to bed, if you are looking for a bed for a little princess, there is a big decision to make - Cinderella or Ariel?  How amazing are these??  Not sure we could get the carriage in a family bed-sized version though!  I adore the Under the Sea themed one though, SO pretty!  And another fab wall painting/mural idea.  My best friend is a skilled scenic artist, so maybe I will have to call on her services one of these days...


As for finishing touches, the Disney store has this super cute throw which you can get personalised, great Christmas present idea.  And this 'talking doorknob' is just adorable!  Although it may have potential for bad dreams with my two at the moment :-/


What do you think, would you have a Disney-inspired bedroom in your home?  What theme would you go for?