Christmas Fun at Butlins

Last Tuesday we headed across town to Butlins.  Festooned in Christmas-ness, we had fun watching the Skyline Gang, Mike the Knight and Fireman Sam, playing in the fab Little Tikes zone they set up during Tots Breaks weeks, riding the indoor fairground rides, and playing the slots!  Here's Sophia contemplating the huge Christmas tree: 

And sending her letter to Father Christmas:

Tatiana took her first ride in a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, with floor, not wholly sure about it until she got going:

Whilst old-hand Sophia took to the 4 by 4 to show her how it's done; before driving to her new home:

Lara was having fun with her new Peppa Pig teddy who had been driven round and was now having a tour of the castle!

Sophia watching her favourite Mike the Knight, eagerly waiting for a wave!

The Skyline Gang did a Christmassy snow show, with a great light show and 'snow' cannon; the girls all loved it!  Especially being able to run around and play with the silvery snow after!

A lovely day!


  1. oh I'd love to take my kids to butlins - looks great.

  2. Looks like you had heaps of fun!

  3. I never thought of going to Butlins in the winter - great idea!


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