Christmas Fun at Peppa Pig World

We've been having a busy week of family fun, kicking off with Monday at the girls' absolute favourite place, Peppa Pig World.  We have been several times this year, and they really can't get enough.  I think we definitely need to get season tickets next year!  Always a lovely place to be, it is just magical at Christmastime.  Here's what we got up to...

Sophia ready to go!!

We loved the musical Christmas tree at the entrance, the musical light show is spectacular!  Then there was a feast of Christmas tress to behold...

After a brief Brum stop, we headed across to Peppa Pig World.  Peppa's house was all Christmassed up:

Lara and Sophia love the pancake story with the Pig family, so cute!

Posing with the Christmas tree outside:

The main Christmas tree looked spectacular, a mass of baubles, decorations and candy canes:

As for the rides, we lost count of the number of times we went on the dinosaurs and the cars, oh and three consecutive times round Grandpa Pig's train ride, with ice creams!  Love it when it's not busy and we can get lots of rides in!  Tatiana had her first ride on the helicopters, which she loved.  Lots of pointing and saying 'Look!'  Bless.

How cute is this Peppa Pig-style Father Christmas and reindeer?!

And some more Christmas trees!

Oh dear, just look at those 'we don;t want to leave' faces!  We had a fantastic day and will definitely be back to see you soon, Peppa!