New Year's Wishes

Yes, it's slightly premature, but with the downward slope towards Christmas comes the inevitability of new year.  I aalways rather dreaded the pressurised partydom of New Year's Eve, and one of the joys of parenthood is that no-one actually expects you to do anything, thank goodness!  Since Steve and I got together we have appropriated our own New Year's Eve tradition, a simple one of PJs, sofa picnic, Champagne and telly.  What more do you need?  And of course, now the girls join in too, bliss!

But I do heartily believe in the tradition of New Year's Resolutions and we have already started thinking about ours.  Last year's included making more of an effort to meet new local friends, for us and the girls, and we have not done too badly with that.  I suppose it's OK to resolve to carry on doing something?  Since finding out about Lara's SPD we will also be resolving to find out as much about it as we can, and working on all that that means for all of us.  I'll tell you more about that in the new year!

After a rather traumatic end to the year financially, thankfully now resolved, our main goal for next year must be a saving/financial one, I think.  We still desperately need a bigger car, and a larger home, so we'll be working towards those goals.  We keep toying with the idea of moving to somewhere else in the country, somewhere cheaper than the south east anyway!  I was just looking at the prices from Cambridge estate agents Strutt & Parker,  Amazing what you can get for your money up there!  We'll see.

What about you, something beyond the usual chestnuts of eating better/losing weight/joining the gym, I hope?