5 Educational Apps Your Kids Will Love

Smartphones have brought many benefits into our everyday lives. The wide range of apps available can help with everything from organising your day to managing your budget. They aren’t just beneficial for adults either; there are hundreds of apps designed with kids in mind and many of them are educational. No matter how old your child is, there will be a fun, entertaining app that not only keeps them occupied, but which also helps them learn. Below you will discover the top five educational apps your kids will love.

1. Lego Creationary

Lego has been enjoyed by kids for years and now it has wheedled its way onto the small screen. The Lego Creationary app is a digitalised version of its popular board game. Suitable for kids aged 5+, the goal of the game is to guess what is being built. As featured on Mac World, there are four different categories, including vehicles, buildings, nature or things. Users guess the object being built from four possible answers. The faster your child guesses the answer, the more points they will earn. It is a fun, educational game that will keep them entertained for hours.

2. Little Digits

The Little Digits app is a brilliant interactive app that encourages children to touch the screen as little cartoon characters appear. It is a maths learning app that helps teach kids to count. It helps them associate the number shown on screen with the number of fingers they use. There are also simple maths subtractions and additions for them to work out. Now, with any app that encourages interactive play, there is always the chance the phone could break. If your child is heavy handed and the phone does break it would be worth having an affordable phone repair company on hand. LoveFone is a great iPhone repair service offering competitive prices.

3. SquiggleFish

As well as having a cute name, SquiggleFish is one of the most impressive apps for kids currently on the market. As featured here the app literally brings children’s drawings to life. It starts out with a fish tank and your child’s job is to draw fish to put into it. They are encouraged to do this using an actual pen and paper. They then take a photo of the drawing with the camera on the smartphone/tablet and the app brings the drawing to life, adding the fish to the tank. It inspires creativity and it is advertised for children aged 4+.

4. MiniSchool Lite

Designed for kids aged 4-6, this fun app helps with rhyming, English, maths and colours. It is packed full of fun games that will help them learn. The lite version is free though there is also a paid version costing £2 which provides numerous add-ons.

5. Word Wizard

Created for older children, Word Wizard teaches spelling in a fun way. Your child will be asked to spell a word using scrabble type letters. If the word is spelt right, cute animations pop up.

There really are so many apps out there designed to help your children learn in a fun, interactive way. The above are just five of the best currently available.