5 Family Friendly Ideas for Backyard Fun

Who says you need to leave the confines of your backyard for a bit of family friendly fun? We certainly don’t. If done well, your backyard can offer you and your family unending hours of entertainment and good times. Here are 5 family friendly ideas that will turn your boring and uninspiring backyard space into a fun-fill wonderland.

Install a swimming pool

Just imagine cooling down in your own backyard swimming pool with your family by your side. These days, more and more homes are opting to have a swimming pool installed in their backyard. And for good reason: they provide excellent relief during those scorching summer days. Whether you decide to build your own in ground pool from scratch, or opt instead to purchase a prefabricated above ground splash pool, they’ll certainly provide hours of fun for the whole family. To complement your swim, purchase a quality barbeque (such as those found through a retailer like Barbeques Galore) and treat your family to some freshly cooked meat and sausages whilst drying off in the sun.

Buy a sprinkler

If a swimming pool is a little out of your budget, purchasing a backyard sprinkler is the next best thing. They are very cheap to buy, and are a hit with the kids. To increase the fun, head on down to your local department store and arm yourself with some water pistols and water bombs. Fun times await!

Set up a badminton net

Get everybody’s juices flowing with a friendly game of badminton in your own backyard. Badminton nets are relatively cheap to buy and easy to set up. Rackets and badmintons aren’t too costly, either. Choose your teams wisely though: parents are often surprised at just how good their little ones actually are when push comes to shove.

Build an outdoor chess board

For something a little less physically demanding, why not build an outdoor chess board in your backyard and challenge your children to a friendly game of chess? It’s a great excuse for your kids to get outside and exercise their little minds. Chess boards can either be built into your backyard with different coloured pavers, or simply laid out with a plastic chess board mat. The actual chess pieces can be purchased at your local chess/games store or online.

Build a sandpit

Perfect for the little ones, a backyard sandpit can provide literally hours of fun and entertainment for children of pretty much all ages. They are relatively easy to build too, giving mum or dad a great DIY project to sink their teeth into over the weekend. All you need is some timber, some nails, a plastic sheet and bags of sand. However, they can also be bought relatively cheaply at your local outdoor supply store. Don’t forget to stock up on plastic buckets, spades and different types of moulds. And remember: make sure you supervise your kids at all times.

What do you do in your own backyard for a bit of fun with the whole family? Let us know by contributing below and help others have as much fun as possible during their next weekend or holiday period.